Steve Kaylor, President

Steve Kaylor, President

Steve Kaylor, President

Steve Kaylor has spent 20+ years in the BWR nuclear industry. His primary focus has been on Modifications, Mitigations and Replacement of BWR reactor internals to address industry issues. He has a solid understanding of the design, qualification and implementation requirements in today’s nuclear environment. He has extensive experience with cutting, machining and welding processes. He is trained in HuP and Six Sigma practices and has vast experience working with project teams across the globe. He has done extensive work in and outside of the reactor.

Steve began his nuclear career at General Electric (GE) Nuclear in 1992. He joined the GE Field Engineering Program (FEP) immediately following graduation from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. The FEP program was an intense 18 month program of classroom lessons, hands on training and customer site work. The program included training in Refueling Operations and Maintenance, Undervessel and Drywell activities, as well as Reactor operations.

Shortly after completing the FEP program, Steve became involved with the Access Hole Cover (AHC) repair campaigns and began his career in the Mods world. AHC repairs soon turned into EDM Boat Samples, Shroud Repairs (H2/H3 repairs and Tie Rod Repairs), Jet Pump mods, Core Spray and Feedwater Mods and work on the early stages of Internals Replacement program. His involvement on these projects varied from Shift Engineer, Tooling Engineer and Lead Engineer. He also supported various Jet Pump (JP) cleaning projects, NDE (Non-Destructive Engineering) work in the vessel and drywell, as well as some vessel Drain Line repairs.

An opportunity arose to develop methodology and tooling to protect the Incore Monitor Housings at an overseas plant. As the Project Manager, he led a multinational team of 90+ people on an intense 20 month effort to develop, qualify and implement machining, NDE and welding equipment.  The project was one of the highlights of his career. Along with some key team members, he was recognized with a GE Materials and Process Award.

After returning to the US, he took a role as a Six Sigma Black Belt supporting the new e-commerce wave for GE. That turned into a Master Black Belt role for GE Nuclear before Steve left to join a software development startup company where he was the international product manager. Missing the intensity of the BWR world, he shortly returned to GE to become the Service’s Group Commercial Manager for a brief period prior to taking the global P&L lead of the Mods organization.

His time at the helm of the Mods organization saw extensive Dryer, Jet Pump, Core Spray and Shroud repairs. Dryer Replacements and Internals Replacement programs were also in full swing.

A flooded home led to a brief departure from GE. During that time Project Solutions was started.  Steve delivered some projects for the home construction industry, supported a local high tech firm and then became a contractor back to GE to lead up the development of the application to support Jet Pump anti-fouling coating. As a contractor, he became involved with more Jet Pump repairs and then supported the technical response to industry issues with X-750 material/Tie Rods.

In Jan of 2008, Steve was approached by The Westinghouse Electric Company (WEC) to join the newly formed Global BWR Engineering team. They were looking for someone to start up and grow a Mods organization. Steve accepted and built up a small team over time. The Mods team accomplished much and made an impact on the business. They introduced a number of new products and technologies, including bringing 3D underwater laser scanning/dimensioning to the industry. The team won a George Westinghouse Signature Award for that product. Perhaps their biggest accomplishment was the development and delivery of new Jet Pump Inlet Mixers for a domestic utility. Working with Toshiba, the Mods team built a number of improvements into the hardware to eliminate the root cause of Flow Induced Vibration (FIV); a huge BWR Jet Pump issue.

Steve left WEC in April of 2013 to continue his efforts with his company, Project Solutions.

He is well versed in many of the issues that impact today’s business. He understands the Services business and knows how to properly prepare for and execute critical path jobs. He possesses a solid understanding of electrical and mechanical processes including Electric Discharge Machining (EDM), High Pressure Water Cleaning/Cutting, Underwater Welding, Laser Peening and 3D underwater dimensional laser scanning. He works well with, and can lead cross cultural, multinational teams